Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 78- Hot and Cold

Friends and Family,
This week, the weather has been a little crazy. At the beginning, it was pretty warm, probably in the lower 70's, then one night we went to bed, and the next morning, it was freezing! Haha. I guessed it snowed up in Northern Louisiana. It didn't here, but there was some ice. It's alright though. I feel it warming up already though.
We were able to meet with a couple people this week. Kevin is a really nice and quiet guy. We shared the Restoration with him, and it all made sense. At the end he prayed, saying that he needed that in his life right now and he asked if it was true, even telling God that he needed to read and ponder the pamphlet he received. Just a good lesson and it boosted our confidence.
We also met another guy again. He was a friend of one of the members. His name is Malick. Super nice and driven guy. He respects what we do, and also his friend who's a member, so he's open to listening to us. Really neat!
There's an awesome member of the ward here. Super amazing conversion story. He just sent in his papers to leave on a mission. His name is Donald. Super strong testimony and he is not afraid to share it. One of those kids who you can tell he has the Spirit from how loving his eyes are. Pray for him. We are excited to see where they send him!
Love Y'all!
-Elder Chandler Allen

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