Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 98- Summer serving

Friends and Family,
This week has been great. We just had a really good lesson with a recent convert and her less active husband. They didn't really know about temples, and since the mission is really trying to focus on getting new members to the temple, we decided to teach them about sealings. It was really neat. It spiked their interest, and I think it will motivate them to continue forward. So exciting. I really want to see them go to the temple.
We also had someone come to church this week. It was a miracle. We were just visiting a less active member, and one of our potentials come outside of his house across the street and sat on his porch. It was Saturday, and we went over and talked with him. He asked us what time church was, and we were able to get him a ride and everything. He said her really liked how we would praise with all the music. We showed him the baptismal font. He said he's been thinking about being baptized. We will commit him this next lesson. You could tell he just felt god at church. He enjoyed it.
I might be transferred this week. We are getting transfer calls in about an hour. Odds are that I'm going somewhere else for my last transfer. I've loved serving here. Lot's of great people. The members are loving and want to help us work. It's exciting to see where the missionary work is going here in the ward.
Love y'all. Have a great summer!
-Elder Chandler Allen

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 97- Missionary Sweat

Friends and Family,
This week was a hot and humid one. haha. We were walking quite a bit and it was just so hot and humid. We have to drink a ton of water to stay hydrated. Haha. The President tells us to take short breaks every hour we are out in the sun to cool down. It builds character, right? Haha. We will keep pressing through it.
We were able to meet a couple more people this week. It seems like we often get opposition from people that don't want us there, but we always run into really nice people that are open to the message afterwards. I often remember Christ's ministry, how the people treated him for what he believed. I don't get hurt physically like him, but at times I don't feel welcome. I'm glad he can comfort me.
Lot's of great lessons learned. I'm finding joy in doing the work. Even though some may not be receptive, it pushes me to try harder. 
Really neat thing as well. Family History was on my mind last weekend. Soon after, we had a zone conference, and in it, we were instructed to teach family history in the third lesson. It was really surprising, but I'm really excited for it. It will help converts stay active when they are baptized. Pretty excited!
Love y'all. Make some time to do family history. It's very fun, and simple way to be a missionary to you family.
Love, Elder Chandler Allen

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 96- Skyping!

Friends and Family,
This week was great. There was a non-member family that fed us dinner on Wednesday, and we shared a message with them. They agreed to reading the Book of Mormon. I hope they are open to the Spirit as they read it. It was a great meeting, and the Spirit was there.
Really neat story as well, the Spanish Elders were in the newspaper because they were volunteering at the Black History Museum. Well a guy saw them in the paper and thought to himself that he wanted to talk with them and get to know what Mormons believe. He had a Mormon friend before. Well right after that, he ran into the Spanish missionaries at the library, and started talking with them. He came to church this Sunday. It was really good to see him there. Pretty neat story.
As for us, we are continually finding, looking for new people to teach. We are teaching this one lady and her Mom still. They don't fully understand why they need to be re-baptized into this church, but as they actually come to church, I'm sure the Spirit will touch them.
It was a great week, and I learned a lot of life lessons. Very happy.
Love y'all!
-Elder Chandler Allen

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 95- Humble Hearts

Friends and Family,
This week has been good. We have had a lot of good experiences. We were able to share a message with a member family, and invite them to act, and they were humble enough to act. I gained a lot of respect for them, because it is not easy to humble yourself and turn away from your pride. Very happy about that.
We were able to meet up with one lady that we contacted on the street. She is so excited to read the Book of Mormon. We've gone over twice, and each time, she has mentioned how good she feels when we come over. We just keep telling her it's the Spirit. We will invite her to baptism soon.
We have now established some good relationships with some of the less active members, and are working with them to become more active, and bring their family closer by coming to church. I love seeing them progress together. Often times, I feel awkward having a frank conversation with them about why they are not coming often, because they all know they should, but they know we care about them, so our conversations are filled with love and the Spirit. 
We were safe from the crazy rainstorm. Haha. It was pretty bad. we were prepared to bunker down if we saw a tornado. Crazy weather!
Love y'all. The Lord will protect us!
-Elder Chandler Allen

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 94- Crawfish Boils

Friends and Family,
This week was great. We were busy all week running around trying to see people. It was a lot of fun. We met some new less actives. We were able to help a part member family, committing the non member mom to read the Book of Mormon, and we had a couple craw fish boils. haha One was for the ward and a lot of less active members came. It was really fun.
We are excited to start working with two different families. I think they both have great potential and will be open to the gospel. We found one on accident. haha. We thought it was the house of a referral from a member, but someone else lives there I guess, but they are open to us coming back. Pretty exciting.
We are learning to work more with the members. It's exciting to hear their missionary stories and to get referrals from them. I can't wait to work more with them.
Hope y'all have a great week!
-Elder Chandler Allen