Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 63- Back to the Grind

Friends and Family,
It's been a back to the grind week. Last transfer was full of a lot of flood cleanup. We are getting back to our normal routine. We are getting to know more people here in this area. We are trying to find new investigators, and following up with past investigators. It's tough, and trialing, but everyone likes a good challenge, right?
We were able to go to the zoo this week. It was way fun. Those animals are so big! Haha. I always love seeing the monkeys, and the snakes. When we were leaving, they had already put the giraffe away, but we looked back again, and he was poking his head outside it's house. haha. It was pretty funny.
Micheal is doing good. He bore his testimony in church. He is very strong. His brother keeps anti-ing him, but he keeps his testimony strong and defends the faith. How cool is that. He has come a long way and the gospel is improving the quality of his life for sure.
The members here are great. I'm glad I'm getting to know more of them. 
Hope y'all have a great week!
Love, Elder Chandler Allen

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 62- Sonic Blast, Elder

Friends and Family,
This week has been great. We were able to get out and do some good work. We are getting people in the area much better. All the ward members and even people we could visit and see. We met one man named Lamond. The sisters referred him to us. He is very nice and funny. He told us some trials and a miracle in his life. We asked him why he thought God saved him. We suggested that it was to find this church. We then asked him how he thought he could know it was true. He said he had never thought about that. We committed him to pray and pay attention to any spiritual promptings. It was a great visit. Sadly, we can't get in contact with him. He is such a great guy, so hopefully we see him this week. 
Another tender mercy. Micheal, one of our investigators, came and helped us clean out houses. He got to know the members better that we were serving with. He really enjoyed working. We were able to help him out because his house flooded. At the end, he thanked everyone personally, even the young men. How neat is that. He is so nice and humble. 
We met a young man, who was the only member in his family. Very nice, and his brother is open to talking with us. It's sad to see a lack of support from a family, but it's great to see the ward step in and truly be a ward family.
Final thing, Lately it was a struggle to wake up on time. It was messing with our schedule, and it was harder to feel the Spirit. I was finally sick of it. I asked myself, what incentive could help me wake up on time. Me and Elder Goodsell have a running joke that I'm addicted to Sonic. Haha. It may be true. haha. jk. But I really do like the drinks and shakes. I decided to reward myself with one of the new sonic blasts with a funnel in the middle filled with peanut butter if I could wake up on time and work out in the morning for a week straight. I told Elder Goodsell that to help me get up, all he needed to say was, Sonic Blast, Elder. He did it..... and it worked. Haven't even missed a day. Haha. I'm pretty happy. I can feel the Spirit stronger in my life. I'll have to ponder more how my experience relates to the gospel.
Love y'all. Have a great last two days of summer.
Love, Elder Chandler Allen

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 61- Miracles in the Midst of Sickness

Friends and Family,
Yep, I got sick this week. Not fun. I think I caught a cold or something, which is ironic because it's super hot still outside. Oh well. It all worked out though because Elder Goodsell had his ingrown toenail removed last week, so he had to take it easy. Good timing to get sick I guess. haha.
We took a lot of time to call potential and former investigators this week. When we drove around on Saturday, we were lead to one persons address from the area book. The people there were just getting ready to leave. I asked if Marlon lived there, and they said he had move. But we kept talking and they also said that about a year ago, they would have missionaries come by their house in Baton Rouge. They were opened to us coming back.
When we got back in the car, we called the missionaries who had taught them and they were so excited, in fact one of them is in our district, so we are going on exchanges so he can introduce them to me. Apparently they are a great family. I know God lead us there.
Another miracle. A cell phone sales lady stopped us and started talking with us. She ended up asking questions like, where do I go after this life. Why am I here? What do you believe about families. I told her we believe that families will be together forever and her face lit up!! She told us she had never heard of that before. It got her super happy and excited. The sisters will begin teaching her this week.
Last miracle of all: Sister Marriott from the general young women's presidency spoke in our sacrament meeting. She's super neat. She's a convert from the Methodist church. Her conversion story is inspiring. She taught us the word DAILY. She said, how do you stay firmly planted on the foundation of Christ(actually a question I had asked our investigator the day before, and he was there with us at the meeting). The answer is DAILY. If we do the specific things daily to increase our testimony and remind us of Christ, we will stay firmly rooted in the foundation of Christ. What an answer to my prayers. And what a week.
Love y'all,
Elder Chandler Allen

Chandler made Elder Goodsell ride on the cart because of his ingrown toenail.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 60-Special Times In Zachary

Friends and Family,
We have had some special things happen here. I feel that the community is opening up to us. They truly appreciate all the service that has taken place. There has been multiple thousands of volunteers come from all over the south and they have helped out so many people. It has been really neat to see that.
President Nelson, Elder Ballard, Elder Maynes, Sister Marriott, and Elder Davies of the Presiding Bishopric visited Louisiana this weekend. I watched a devotional for all the flood victims that was broadcasted from Baton Rouge. They all spoke of hope, God's love, humility, and at the end, President Nelson pronounced an Apostolic blessing on those who have been affected, promising that they will be able to recover, and as they do so, they will learn valuable lessons that will help them return to their Heavenly Father. 
On Sunday, Elder Maynes visited our congregation in Baker, and gave a talk. I remember feeling the mantle that he held. It was evident from him just being in the room. I know the Lord empowers Him to accomplish the tasks that he has been called to do.
Love Y'all, 
Elder Chandler Allen