Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 58- Hard Work and Service

Friends and Family,
What a week. It's been a lot of hard work and dirty work. haha. I've always wanted to be apart of the Mormon Helping Hands, and I finally got my opportunity. It's fun getting to do service with the ward. I always think the best way to build a bond with someone is through serving with them.
One of my favorite parts was handing out flyers door to door that let others know how they can sign up for flood clean up help. We got to talk one on one with many, seeing how they are doing, comforting them, and sharing quick messages that lifted them up. I love how many donations have come from all over the place. There's so many, we have no idea what to do with all of them.
We are teaching a great man named Micheal. He is very humble and very smart. The gospel clicks really well with him. He came to church and always enjoys it. He reads the Book of Mormon everyday. What a guy.
The ward is awesome here! They are a great missionary ward, especially if they know  you are a hard worker. I was praying for opportunities to show them that, and we got it as we help them prep the church for all the volunteers coming from Mississippi and other places in Louisiana. (btw I saw a couple people from Natchitoches there. It was awesome! I haven't seen them for so long. They seemed happy to see me. Can't wait to go back again.)
Yesterday, I was done for. I was so tired. The heat and humidity suck the life out of you. I feel like a zombie today. haha. I'm glad I get to rest today.
Love y'all, thanks for all the prayers!
-Elder Chandler Allen

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