Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 49- A Greater Zeal

Friends and Family,
This week was pretty good. We have been doing a lot of finding, and luckily we have been getting a couple return appointments. When Elder Kapishka came, he promised us that baptisms would quadruple if we get members to our appointments no later than the second lesson with investigators. What a promise. We are striving to do that. I know it will work.
I was feeling a bit discouraged this week because it seemed the work in the area wasn't progressing much despite our efforts. Luckily a member fed us yesterday and shared some miracles from his mission that inspired and motivated us to work harder. He said that the number of baptisms in his mission quadrupled in 3 years. It was all about the attitude they had for the work, and the goals they set. We went tracting after that and are going to go back to 4 of those people. What a blessing. I really needed that. He gave us some great advice.
I love y'all!
-Elder Chandler Allen

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