Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 48- Conference After Conference

Friends and Family,
This week was great. We had a mission conference with Elder Kapishka and Elder Blueth. Many great things were shared. One that stood out to me was to find more rules and follow them. Haha. It sounds a little crazy, but if we are constantly trying to find new ideas in Preach My Gospel that will help us feel the Spirit and help with the work, it will positively affect the work.
We also had Stake Conference with Elder Kapishka and Elder Gillenwater. They had some great talks on be Lights to the world. We should ask ourselves, do we shine with Christ's light always? Is it evident enough for our friends to recognize it within us? Being and example is one of the greatest forms of missionary work.
Doug, the investigator took us to Catholic Mass. He toured us around the church a little bit. I enjoyed learning more about Catholicism. I think it will help me to relate better to other Catholics I run into.
I also went on exchanges with Elder Urvina. He has a true enthusiasm for the work. I got along really well with him. He is a great friend!
Love y'all!
-Elder Chandler Allen

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