Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 36- A Day Downtown

Friends and Family,
This week was good. Not a lot happened until Saturday. We went on exchanges with the zone leaders that day. It was pretty fun. I was with Elder Allen(haha). Literally. We were trying to find someone at a hospital to give a blessing to. We ended up going to the wrong hospital, but we had already paid for parking, so we just walked a mile or so to the other hospital and found him there. Haha. It was an adventure. Then we went to an assisted living place for the elderly and met with two guys. That was way fun. Then a member took us out to Cain's! Wooh. I love meal appointments.
Leon is doing good. Still making progress. We are just clearing up all the specific questions he has now, so that will be good. Hopefully in doing that, he will come to love the gospel and really embrace it.
Brother Naquin isn't doing so good. He's still sick and there's not really anyone there that can always take care of him. Hopefully we can get him in a better environment.
This week was good. The exchanges got me a lot more motivated. I'm excited to go out and do the Lords work.
Love, Elder Chandler Allen

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