Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 34-Manual Labor and Cooking

Friends and Family,
A lot of this week was spent doing manual labor and cooking. Haha. I learned how to pour concrete and how to BBQ some delicious steaks. We have been doing some service and a part members house, helping the Dad build a shed in the back. We actually found a less active who we didn't even know lived here from it and have made some other good connection's with a friend or two of the Dad's.
Leon came to church! We had another great spiritual experience with him as we watch the restoration video. That strengthen my testimony of Joseph Smith. I know he was a true prophet. I'm grateful that through him, the church was restored. We are now blessed with all the blessing associated with the fullness of the gospel. Just imagine if we didn't have the fullness now. It really is a blessing.
We also made some sweet and sour meatballs and tried the new cookie dough blue bell icecream. It was very good!
Stephen, a new investigator, has a lot of potential. We didn't even have to invite him to church. He wanted to go himself. He seems like he has a true desire to know the truth. I'm so glad the Lord led us to him. And honestly, I thought that we didn't have any success that day when we found him. We luckily followed up and found that he was sincerely interested. You never know what good you really do. Just keep trying your best, trusting that it's good enough for the Lord.
Love y'all! Have a fantastic week!
-Elder Chandler Allen

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