Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 25- Back to Work

Family and Friends,
This week, we got right back to work after having some fun holidays. This week was awesome! Leon, who has been investigating for 2 years, came to church for the first time. He is making a lot of progress. He felt the Spirit at church and thinks of us as friends. I hope we can be friends to all of our investigators. He wants to continue visiting with us for sure. 
Andrew, the investigator that the Spirit lead us to while tracting, met with us and told us that his family was probably going to split up because things weren't working out between him and Kiora. It was sad and hard to comfort him. I didn't really know what to do. But Elder Wilson brought the Spirit by sharing with him how we actually were lead to him by the Spirit and that God was looking out for him and his family. We promised that if he kept the commitments we extended, and had his family learn as well that they would find a lot more peace and unity, and that everything would work out. Keep them in your prayers please. 
While visiting with Leon, one of his nephews friends started to participate in the discussion and then told us that he wanted to meet with us! He said that God lead him to us. I know our prayers have been answered. It was such a neat experience. And he has such a nice little cute family. He is very interested. I know he is prepared for baptism. I hope we can bring the Spirit to him and that he has the desire to be baptized. And it was sooo cool to see his little 4 and 5 year old's get excited to learn about Jesus. They even brought out their little Bible.
Tyrone and his Mom, Lordus, came to church as well. They both really enjoyed it and are making a lot of progress. I'm so excited!
We are getting a ton of media referrals, so we are going to be following up with a lot of them. 
It has just been a great week, ending with a few investigators at church. It's been awesome! New Year's was crazy cool. We stayed up and saw the fireworks at midnight. There were soooo many all around. the skyline just lit up. It was the coolest unplanned firework show I've seen. And we did 2016 pushups to celebrate the new year. I'm still sore. It was awesome though!
I've made some goals for this year. Here they are:
1.Follow the set morning routine so that my studies are effective.
2. Always pray for faith and charity.
3. Memorize my ponderize scripture every week.
4. A limit of 1 dessert a day(haha)
I hope these things help me administer the Spirit in greater abundance.
My ponderize scripture this week is Moroni 6:4. I hope you check it out.
I love you all and hope you have a great New Year! Happy 2016!
Love, Elder Chandler Allen 

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