Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 26- Surprise

Family and Friends,
This week has been great! There's been a lot of surprises. Haha. We were expecting 7 investigators to come to church. We had it all lined up and everything......then everyone, but one canceled. Haha. It's ok though. That's what happens sometimes. Despite them not coming to church, all of them still have great potential.
Leon was the one that came to church. He had a question about polygamy, and it was resolved, so I feel like he will be baptized in two weeks. He lives and believes everything we do, he is just a little nervous to join because it's a big commitment.
Andrew and Kiora split up, so that's sad, but I think it will turn out for the better. It will give us an opportunity to focus just on Andrew, and once he's good to go, we can help his whole family. They are such nice people. Andrew especially yearns for greater spirituality.
Dalton and his family are great! They really love having us over. They weren't able to come Sunday, but I'm certain they'll come next. They all want to be baptized!! Such a blessing. There are a couple things we need to help them through, but they have a great desire, and I know it will bless their family so much.
Wilson is back in the hospital with pneumonia, so hopefully he heals up quickly. He'll go to rehab to help him walk on his leg afterwards. That will be good for him. We got a call while we were there. The AP's said that Elder Wilson was getting transfered! It was really sad and I was nervous to get a new companion again. I really loved Elder Wilson. We got along great and his strength matched my weaknesses. It was just really good. But I met my new companion today, Elder Schaffer! He is a really nice quiet kid. I'm excited to work with him. He only has 4 or 5 months left. We're going to help him end with a bang! Haha. I love him already. I can't wait to get out and work with him.
This week was a great building and learning week. I've tried hard to fulfill my goals. It has been such a blessing to me to grow and do better. Personal study is very uplifting and rewarding. It gets me through the day. It was honestly such a good week. I realized the secret to life is the atonement. If we can master applying the atonement to our lives, we will find the greatest peace and happiness, and as we experience those blessings, we will want to help others experience those blessings. I also realized how much joy and happiness comes from obeying the mission rules and the commandments. I was set apart from the world this week. I had an increase in faith and charity. I knew God was working with us. I was blessed with a great week.
Love y'all, Elder Chandler Allen

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