Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 15- Rain!!!!

Family and Friends,
This week has been quite the week. I've been adjusting to a new companion. Elder Rush is great! He's just a go getter. I'm super excited to keep working hard with him.
We had a great zone conference this week. Very inspiring. We also had a funeral this Saturday. It was an older guy whose wife passed away exactly 2 weeks early, so they're together again! It was a sad funeral. But it was his time to pass on.
And it finally rained! A lot. It rained Saturday, and it came down fairly hard yesterday. It's still really cloudy and a little rainy right now. It's been difficult getting work done though because of the rain. We have been doing a lot of book work and calling people though. 
We got Bob to come to the ward Halloween party. He got to know many people. We wanted him to come to church too, but he wasn't feeling good. He was still recovering from going out to the ward party.
Darrell is doing great. He has changed a lot from when we first met him. He is now way more open and truly desires to learn the gospel. He is keeping his commitments. We just need him to come to church now. Everything is going great though!
It's been a good week. We are going to contact more people this next week and find more new investigators. I know that when we petition the Lord for his help, He will certainly give it. It's important to realize that all we have comes from Him. This work can't go forward without him. I know he has been helping us out so far. It's a blessing to see it first hand.
Love y'all, Elder Chandler Allen

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