Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 12- Conference Weekend Holiday

Family and Friends,
This week was great! We have been buckling down with our planning so that we can use our time most effectively. This also means that we are very busy. Haha. I walk into the apartment at night and just want to sleep. It's probably Satan tempting me to just miss daily planning for the next day. I need to work hard on overcoming that temptation.
Bob watched conference! He watched the first session on Sunday. He saw the three new apostles bare their testimonies. I honestly don't think he enjoyed it as much as he was expecting and it seemed a little too political to him. But he still wants to watch more. He is honestly searching to know if this gospel is true. He prays for God to tell him if it is true. I know he will receive an answer when God knows he is ready. Keep Bob in your prayers.
We brought cookies and a note to Olivia, but she wasn't there. I hope her heart is softened.
We were able to visit a lot of less active members this week. Darrel is doing alright. Often times our lessons get too complicated, so we are going to simplify them a bit, just like what Dieter F. Uchtdorf talked about in conference.
Conference was fantastic! It is kinda like a holiday for us missionaries. We get to have the overwhelming feeling of the spirit and get to have a break from normal proselyting. We watched most of the sessions at the church. I loved all the talks about faith. Neil L. Anderson gave a sad, but really good talk on faith. If we are obedient, our faith will increase. It's so important for our faith to increase so that we can withstand the evil influences of the world and so we can stand as a light to the world which was something that was talked about by Kim B. Clark I believe. I also really enjoyed the talks about allowing the spirit to always be with you and how important it is. That is probably the biggest reason the general authorities have emphasized keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, because we renew our covenants, which in return, God gives us the Spirit to always be with us.
Neill F. Marriot was from Louisiana. She's from Alexandria, which is the center of the zone I'm in right now. It was nice to here that southern accent during conference! Haha.
The talks about Mom's and women in the church made me a bit trunky because I was just thinking about how great and wonderful my Mom is. Mom's are truly saviors. They have such a sacred and special calling. Russell M. Nelson gave a great call to action to all the women. We truly need your help in the church. Some of the greatest missionaries are women. Women are essential in this church.
Thomas S. Monson gave great talks. I could literally just write down everything. Everything he said just applies to our lives. I was really saddened to see that he was struggling a bit towards the end of his talk. I know that he is inspired of God. I know that he receives direct revelation from God for these last days. I felt the spirit as he spoke. 
I hope all of y'all had a great conference weekend. Watch and read the talks again. I was thinking of how amazing it would be if we could feel the spirit that strong always. And we can. Let us apply what we've learned. Make goals to improve and check up on yourself regularly. You can look back and see your improvement from last conference. I love you all!
Love, Elder Chandler Allen
 Elder Allen and Elder Lehr got to go to Stake President Deford's home to watch General Conference.

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