Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 91- Sunburns Doing Service

Friends and Family,
This was a great week. Saturday, we were able to do some service at the community garden. It was a lot of hard work, but it was fun doing it. Before we did it, I had the thought to put sunscreen on, but I didn't because I thought my arms were already tan and wouldn't get sunburnt. I guess not. Haha. They stink pretty bad now. I learned my lesson. Sunscreen from here on out. haha.
We are going to start meeting up with one man named Calvin. He's a really nice guy. He plays in the band at some church's. He's really open to us. We are excited to share the gospel with him.
There are a couple other people that have some interest. We are going follow back up with them. We will see where it goes. 
I think most of our finding efforts this week will be through the members. I'm sure we will be able to receive some good referrals for us to try. Keep praying for us to find those interested!
Love y'all! Have a great week!
-Elder Chandler Allen

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