Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 89- Craw Fish Boils and Baptism

Friends and Family,
This was a really neat week. We were able to bring Big Al, one of our investigators, to the baptism of one of the little girls in the ward. It was really good and the Spirit was there. We are just going to try and help him with understand priesthood authority now. It will be good.
Another amazing experience! One of the most on my mission! So neat. We tried to see one lady. Her brother opened the door. She wasn't home, but her brother was open to a quick message. His name is Tevin. Really nice guy. Taught him the Restoration. The Spirit was there. At the end, we asked him to pray. He was shy about it and didn't really know how to, so we just sat there for a couple minutes and he finally decided to do it. We didn't force him, he agreed to do it with our help. It was a heartfelt prayer, and he asked God what path he should take. When he finished, he said he felt something in his body, that was a good happy feeling. We testified that it was the Spirit confirming truth. We committed him to baptism, and as me and Elder Farnsworth were discussing what day to do it, Tevin started to tear up. He looked at us with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face. It was amazing! The Spirit was so strong and imperative to his conversion. Amazing experience. Hopefully we can get back up with him this week.
Other than that, we had a crawfish boil on Saturday. It was super good. The Pixtons fed us last night. They are the best. I love that family.
Love y'all! Have an amazing week!
-Elder Chandler Allen

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