Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 83- Up and Running

Friends and Family,
This week has been great. The first part was still tough, getting over a lot of opposition. I was getting down on myself because we weren't getting as much down as I would have liked to get done. But finally towards the end of the week it changed. Me and the other Elder Allen went on exchanges and it was really good. We found someone else to teach, taught a guy that has a lot of potential, and we were able to visit with a part member family that we were meaning to see forever, but never had a way to get out there. I just felt good afterwards and felt like we had worked hard, but more important, that the Spirit was with us doing the work. I loved it. So that encouraged me a lot, and these past couple days have been great. I feel really good when we try talking with just about everyone as we are walking from appointment to appointment. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing my testimony. You feel happy when you try your best. I'm still not perfect. I get pointers from Elder Castillo all the time, and I mess up a lot in our lessons still, but I hope to improve continually.
One guy I'm really excited to see is Carson. He is really smart, and works over here in Thibodaux. He feels that most his life he has been focused on his profession, and has put off his relationship with God. He really liked all that we taught him, and the Spirit was there. It was a great lesson. We are going back Wednesday. Can't wait! 
It has just been a great week. I'm very grateful for that. Something that keeps coming to me is that opposition is necessary in life, and in the end, that is what will bring us so much joy. I'm so happy for that. I know it's true. I may face even greater opposition in the future, but I shouldn't fear. It's to help me grow, and I can get through it as I learn to rely on Christ. Continually becoming humble.
Love, y'all!
-Elder Chandler Allen

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