Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 82- Longer Walk = Stronger Legs

Friends and family,
This week has been pretty good. We've been walking a lot because we don't have a car. I'm always drained by the time we are done walking. haha. I better be getting stronger from this. haha.
With walking, we are able to contact people on the streets though, so that's fun. I enjoy that, especially as I get to know new people. There was one man who seemed really nice and open to new concepts. We are going to call him next week when he gets back from his trip.
We are hoping to contact people on the college campus here. Most of the time, students are really open to the message, and this is the perfect time in their lives to bring them into the gospel. It establishes a pattern for the rest of their lives.
Other than that, the week has been pretty slow. It will pick up this week!
Love yall,
Elder Chandler Allen

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