Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 60-Special Times In Zachary

Friends and Family,
We have had some special things happen here. I feel that the community is opening up to us. They truly appreciate all the service that has taken place. There has been multiple thousands of volunteers come from all over the south and they have helped out so many people. It has been really neat to see that.
President Nelson, Elder Ballard, Elder Maynes, Sister Marriott, and Elder Davies of the Presiding Bishopric visited Louisiana this weekend. I watched a devotional for all the flood victims that was broadcasted from Baton Rouge. They all spoke of hope, God's love, humility, and at the end, President Nelson pronounced an Apostolic blessing on those who have been affected, promising that they will be able to recover, and as they do so, they will learn valuable lessons that will help them return to their Heavenly Father. 
On Sunday, Elder Maynes visited our congregation in Baker, and gave a talk. I remember feeling the mantle that he held. It was evident from him just being in the room. I know the Lord empowers Him to accomplish the tasks that he has been called to do.
Love Y'all, 
Elder Chandler Allen

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