Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 62- Sonic Blast, Elder

Friends and Family,
This week has been great. We were able to get out and do some good work. We are getting people in the area much better. All the ward members and even people we could visit and see. We met one man named Lamond. The sisters referred him to us. He is very nice and funny. He told us some trials and a miracle in his life. We asked him why he thought God saved him. We suggested that it was to find this church. We then asked him how he thought he could know it was true. He said he had never thought about that. We committed him to pray and pay attention to any spiritual promptings. It was a great visit. Sadly, we can't get in contact with him. He is such a great guy, so hopefully we see him this week. 
Another tender mercy. Micheal, one of our investigators, came and helped us clean out houses. He got to know the members better that we were serving with. He really enjoyed working. We were able to help him out because his house flooded. At the end, he thanked everyone personally, even the young men. How neat is that. He is so nice and humble. 
We met a young man, who was the only member in his family. Very nice, and his brother is open to talking with us. It's sad to see a lack of support from a family, but it's great to see the ward step in and truly be a ward family.
Final thing, Lately it was a struggle to wake up on time. It was messing with our schedule, and it was harder to feel the Spirit. I was finally sick of it. I asked myself, what incentive could help me wake up on time. Me and Elder Goodsell have a running joke that I'm addicted to Sonic. Haha. It may be true. haha. jk. But I really do like the drinks and shakes. I decided to reward myself with one of the new sonic blasts with a funnel in the middle filled with peanut butter if I could wake up on time and work out in the morning for a week straight. I told Elder Goodsell that to help me get up, all he needed to say was, Sonic Blast, Elder. He did it..... and it worked. Haven't even missed a day. Haha. I'm pretty happy. I can feel the Spirit stronger in my life. I'll have to ponder more how my experience relates to the gospel.
Love y'all. Have a great last two days of summer.
Love, Elder Chandler Allen

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