Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 40- Humility in Our Hearts

Friends and Family,

I think this week was fairly humbling. There were some challenges, but I think we just realized that without the Lord's hand, we really can't help others convert to the gospel. A lot of appointments fell through. Not a whole lot of people were home. I just felt like it was tough getting some effective work done. I think we still did good though. We built relationships. As me and Elder Johnson considered what to do, we just realized that if we humble ourselves and continue trying our best, the Lord will provide us with people to teach, and just like that, he sent us some people. haha. We showed up to sacrament meeting and there was a nonmember couple there with their member friends. I guess they are somewhat interested. The same thing happened the week before with a different couple and we found out they were still interested. Then another person referred us to their friend who used to meet with the missionaries. We'll see where that goes. But I'm just very grateful that the Lord has trusted us enough with His children. Elder Johnson helped teach me this great principle of humility.
One event that humbled me was while out tracting, I realized that I still wasn't very good at tracting. haha. I'm excited to improve, but in the moment it was kind of discouraging. Then we got rejected by someone. He was a little harsh about it. At that point, I was just really sad and discouraged, but Elder Johnson is so nice and he just picked me up when I was feeling down. I learned a lot from the experience.
We also had the opportunity to watch The Testaments with our investigator Doug this week. That movie and all the other church movies always strengthen my testimony, then we had a great discussion with him about the movie and God's love. Doug is making some good progress, especially since he is reading the Book of Mormon and Blueprint of Christ's Church.
It was a good growing week. Can't wait to improve this week, Love y'all!
-Elder Chandler Allen

Some of the Elders got to go to an off-season LSU football game.

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