Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 39- Life in BR

Friends and Fam,
I'm in Baton Rouge!!! There are so many trees here, and it's getting pretty humid. I enjoy it though. We are in a beautiful apartment complex. We are in a nice area. Lot's of nice people. The ward is big and very nice. There are a lot of either young couples with little kids, or older couples whose kids have moved away. One of my friends cousin is even in the ward, so that's neat. I know God put me here for a reason with the connections I had to Louisiana.
We had a really neat spiritual experience. It was a miracle. One of the people the previous missionaries contacted had read the Book of Mormon in only a week, and when we went over to talk to him about it, we just answered some of his questions, then we had him pray to know if it was true right then and there. I was a bit nervous, but just had faith, and he received an answer. He felt the Spirit touch his heart. It was so neat. That strengthened my testimony. I know the church is true.
Cool thing, LSU is in my area, although there are missionaries that cover that part, but we were able to go to a baseball game already! It was pretty fun. Weird to realize a lot of those kids were my age. And a lot of people showed up to the game. It was fun to see so many people there.
Elder Johnson is my new companion. He was my District leader when I was in Natchitoches, so we were super pumped to be companions. He is a stand up guy.
Love, Elder Chandler Allen

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