Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 30- Mardi Gras Madness

Family and Friends,
All I can say is that Mardi Gras is crazy. People love to party down here. I went on exchanges with one of the downtown elders and we helped parade goers park at the downtown church, which is literally on the parade route. When these parades are over, there's so much trash and beads on the ground. Haha. It's honestly not as fun as everyone thinks. I think its just really fun because people can get drunk and go crazy, and no one else really cares. haha. It's fun to catch the beads and other things they throw out though.
This week was a lot of fun. I wasn't able to see a lot of our investigators because of exchanges and such. But they are all doing well. Leon was pushing back a little and losing progress, but that's just Satan working on him. We talked with him again and things are good now. He still wants us to come back. He will get baptized. He will find that this church is true. 
We had a neat experience. We were just in this neighborhood seeing an investigators. As we were driving away, I felt like we should try another investigator in that area. We thought that he had moved away, but we tried it anyways. It turns out that we moved back and they are both still really interested. We committed them to baptism. I'm very excited. We are blessed to be teaching so many families. God has answered our prayers.
Overall, it has been a good week. I have been losing focus on the basics of the gospel a bit, so I just started to focus on reading the Book of Mormon, and finding the joy in the simplicity of the gospel. Nephi even rejoices in the simplicity. President Uchtdorf gave a great talk on that in General Conference as well. I love the gospel and how simple it is. It is simple enough for children to understand it and love it. Hopefully we can find the joy in living the principles of the gospel so we can access the cleansing power of the atonement that is so sweet to our souls.
I love y'all, Have a fantastic week!
Love, Elder Chandler Allen

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