Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 9- Rayad and Zynoch

Family and Friends,
What a week! It has gone by so quick, but a lot has happened. I had exchanges with our new district leader, Elder Johnson. He is such a neat guy. He works hard, but he is always true to himself. He focused on teaching me to use the members to do missionary work. I should get to know them personally and gain their trust. If I can get them motivated to do their own missionary work, it will be much more effective than having to find investigators ourselves. This ward is great at that anyway.
We also had Zone Training Meeting. I learned that there aren't really any disobedient missionaries, but rather, missionaries who lack faith. If we can have faith that the Lord will provide for us if we follow the rules and commandments, we will be effective missionaries and will be blessed.
Our investigator, Bob, is finally progressing! We have been visiting him for a whole transfer now. He read the assigned reading out of the Book of Mormon. He even said he has been happier ever since we have been sharing the message of the gospel with him. I hope and pray he continues to progress. He really is a neat and humble man. I look up to him for that.
This last Sunday, we performed a mini play. It was about a kingdom called Rayad, and the villain, Zynoch, was trying to destroy it by making the people in it eat chocolate and wear red. Haha. It's cheesy, but it was a ton of fun. None of our investigators actually showed up, so we just performed it for the stake president and his family. It taught a great lesson. Satan tempts us with small little things, that are only a tiny bit bad, but as we succumb to his temptations, the sins get worse and worse, until we eventually commit serious sins. We need to watch out for little temptations now, in order to avoid the big temptations.
 I hope everyone is having a great week! The weather is perfect down here. Not too hot and not too cold. I am so blessed to be out here on a mission. I love you all!
 Love, Elder Chandler Allen

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