Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 8- Service, Service, and More Service

Friends and Family,
Hey y'all. This week was an ok week. It was crazy busy with transfers. We have a new sister. Her name is Sister Pflegar(pronounced flay-ger). Haha. She just got out of the MTC. Sister Carpenter is training her. We also got a new District Leader. His name's Elder Johnson. He is such a stud. I love that kid! He is so charitable and Christlike. I look up to him a lot. And it doesn't hurt that he's from Washington. He's a Seahawks fan!! He might walk on the BYU football team. How cool is that? By the way, I heard BYU won on the last play of the game. Go Cougars!! So this week, we had a lot of service opportunities. We helped our ward mission leader fix his broken fence. We helped move a sister in the ward. We had to help move her piano. It was pretty intense and scary but we got it into the trailer. Right now we are preparing for a mini play. We are going to perform it at a cottage meeting. I'm the narrator. Haha. Brother Allen, the ward mission leader, goes all out. He is having me wear a suit with a bow tie and slicking my hair back. Haha. Hopefully I look classy enough. This week, I also had some of the best burgers in my life. A sister in the Many ward cooked for us. Her name is Granny Lowess. She is 80 years old, but she can still make amazing burgers. They are very simple, but so good. I ate too many. I had 5!!! Elder Johnson was egging me on though. Haha. I ate way too much this week overall. The food is too good down here!!!! Why is southern food so good, but bad for you at the same time?! Haha. I am making it a goal to eat less. I am still in fairly good shape because we bike everywhere, but I still can feel the difference. The spirit likes to reside in a healthy body. When I eat healthy, I wake up feeling more alert and active. I feel more motivated to work hard. I know it will be a blessing to me to eat healthy.
Me and Elder Lehr had a great weekly planning session. We talked about how Preach My Gospel is meant to make missionaries like the ancient missionaries whose stories are in the Book of Mormon. It is such a neat and inspired guide to missionary work. In order to become like them, we must consecrate our lives to the Lord. We talked about giving him our all. We are both soooo pumped to work harder this transfer. We made transfer goals. We are ship shaping up! I am going to make sure Elder Lehr finishes his mission in style. He will never forget this transfer. I know we will both grow so much. I can't wait to tell y'all all about what I learn. It is all of our missions to share the gospel. Always remember that. We are truly converted when we give our hearts to the Lord. He blesses us beyond comprehension as we dedicate our lives to Him and as we strive to become like Christ, the ultimate example. I love you all!!!
Love, Elder Chandler Allen

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