Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 97- Missionary Sweat

Friends and Family,
This week was a hot and humid one. haha. We were walking quite a bit and it was just so hot and humid. We have to drink a ton of water to stay hydrated. Haha. The President tells us to take short breaks every hour we are out in the sun to cool down. It builds character, right? Haha. We will keep pressing through it.
We were able to meet a couple more people this week. It seems like we often get opposition from people that don't want us there, but we always run into really nice people that are open to the message afterwards. I often remember Christ's ministry, how the people treated him for what he believed. I don't get hurt physically like him, but at times I don't feel welcome. I'm glad he can comfort me.
Lot's of great lessons learned. I'm finding joy in doing the work. Even though some may not be receptive, it pushes me to try harder. 
Really neat thing as well. Family History was on my mind last weekend. Soon after, we had a zone conference, and in it, we were instructed to teach family history in the third lesson. It was really surprising, but I'm really excited for it. It will help converts stay active when they are baptized. Pretty excited!
Love y'all. Make some time to do family history. It's very fun, and simple way to be a missionary to you family.
Love, Elder Chandler Allen

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