Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 96- Skyping!

Friends and Family,
This week was great. There was a non-member family that fed us dinner on Wednesday, and we shared a message with them. They agreed to reading the Book of Mormon. I hope they are open to the Spirit as they read it. It was a great meeting, and the Spirit was there.
Really neat story as well, the Spanish Elders were in the newspaper because they were volunteering at the Black History Museum. Well a guy saw them in the paper and thought to himself that he wanted to talk with them and get to know what Mormons believe. He had a Mormon friend before. Well right after that, he ran into the Spanish missionaries at the library, and started talking with them. He came to church this Sunday. It was really good to see him there. Pretty neat story.
As for us, we are continually finding, looking for new people to teach. We are teaching this one lady and her Mom still. They don't fully understand why they need to be re-baptized into this church, but as they actually come to church, I'm sure the Spirit will touch them.
It was a great week, and I learned a lot of life lessons. Very happy.
Love y'all!
-Elder Chandler Allen

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