Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 70- Gift of Revelation

Friends and Family,
This week turned out good. There were a lot of little neat miracles. Recently, I was counseled to strive to develop the Spiritual Gifts God has given me. Two of them that stick out to me are the gift of prophecy and of revelation. Ammon and his brothers were blessed with it as missionaries, along with many others all throughout scripture. As I've studied it and prayed about it, I feel that God is helping me develop it. Twice this last week, just as we were about to head in at night, we felt like there was still something we had to do. We ended up visiting this one investigator named Emmitt who we just couldn't get ahold of, until the nights we tried him again. We saw him twice this week. One of the times, he told us a cool story. He said missionaries from Baton Rouge saw him before the flood, but he was flooded out and had to stay with his sister in our area, and lost contact with the missionaries. He was supposed to get a Book of Mormon from them. One day, our appts fell through, and we prayed to know where to go to tract, and we knocked on his sisters door and talked with him. I know God wanted him to have a Book of Mormon. We keep being lead to people that have had contact with the church before. God's giving them another chance.
We also got to help out with a Veteran's Day ceremony, which was pretty neat. It was at a vets cemetary. The Spirit could be felt there, and the place was very nice. It was a good time to remember those that served us. I'm grateful for those, especially in my family, that served their countries. 
It's been great to see these miracles. I know if we continually rely on the Lord to help guide us, we will accept many great things.
Love y'all!
-Elder Chandler Allen

Elder Allen, Elder Goodsell, Sister Hyer, Sister Cornia, Sister Henrie, Sister Belnap

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