Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 16- Simplify

Friends and Family,
This week has been full to the brim. I feel like we were constantly doing something, which was awesome! There were a couple days where we were out on our bikes all day. Haha. We are getting kicked into shape. 
We have been focusing on the lessons this last week. We have been studying the doctrines in the lesson. We have been focusing on keeping what we teach very simple and brief so that they have a powerful spiritual experience that sticks with them. If a lesson drags on, they lose focus and lose the spirit. It has worked. I know the Lord has helped me in my efforts. I thought it would be hard, but after practicing a little, I was able to teach a great first lesson that flowed very well. Hopefully we are able to meet back up with the guy I taught it to. He even accepted a Book of Mormon.
We contacted a referral that the Sisters gave us. I wasn't expecting much out of it, but the guy actually let us in. He is a preacher at his church, but it doesn't sound like he is set at that church. Hopefully we get to see him this week.
We ran into someone doing yard work and asked if we could help. He let us help and we discussed the gospel with him. He said that he was a non-denominational christian because he believed that truths were lost that were in the Bible. We instantly jumped on the opportunity to share the Book of Mormon with him, which is the most correct of any book. We are going to visit him this week and give him a Book of Mormon.
This last story is awesome and I hope it leads to success. We always see a man biking around who yells go BYU at us. We finally talked to him at the library one day. The spirit lead us there and he said the spirit told him to talk to us. We gave him our number and told us to call us. He actually did! No one usually does that. Me and him talked for almost an hour. He said that he was struggling in life right now. His kids won't talk to him. He has some regrets. He is older now. He is a less active member. He wants to be active again. I know the Lord has prepared him. I know that the Lords hand is in this work because none of what happened was coincidence. I hope we are able to visit him again this week.
Hope all is well! Love y'all
-Elder Chandler Allen

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